Spectacular, fast-growing, sub-tropical flowering trees. Suitable only for frost free climates. Compact varieties can be grown under glass in the UK, where they can be kept warm and protected during winter.

Family: Bignoniaceae
Botanical Name: Jacaranda
Common Names: Green ebony tree

Foliage: Bipinnate, fern-like leaves, similar to acacia.

Blossom: Large panicles of blue or violet trumpet-shaped flowers.

Flowering Period: Mid spring (rarely flowers in the UK).

Soil: Any fertile well-drained soil. Does best in a light, free draining loam. Acid, alkaline or neutral pH.

Conditions: Full sun or partial shade, in a warm sheltered location.

Habit: Bushy, upright.

Type: Tree.

Origin: South America

Hardiness: Frost tender. Minimum temperature 5°C (40°F).

Planting and Growing Jacaranda

Grow in containers outside in summer and keep in a warm greenhouse or conservatory over winter. Allow container plants to dry between waterings. Water less in winter.

Plant container grown plants in John Innes No. 2 potting compost, with a little added sharp grit.

As it doesn't flowers well in the UK it is usually grown here as a foliage plant.

Taking Care of Jacaranda

Repot annually into fresh compost. Feed with a general purpose liquid fertiliser every few weeks during the growing season.

Pruning Jacaranda

Mature, container grown plants can be pruned back in late winter to restrict growth and maintain longevity.

Pests and Diseases

Generally trouble free.

Propagating Jacaranda

Increase from seed in spring or take semi-ripe cuttings in early summer. Root in free draining compost in a propagator with a little bottom heat.

Varieties of Jacaranda

Jacaranda mimosifolia (J. ovalifolia) is one of the widest-grown species. Height to 50ft (15m), spread to 30ft (10m). The dwarf variety 'Bonsai Blue' is suitable for container growing in the UK. Protect under cover during winter in a cool but frost-free, light environment.

Jacaranda Pretoria is normally grown as a street tree in warmer climates where it bears prolific large blue flowers.