A bold and dramatic, long-lived evergreen shrub, which makes an eye-catching focal point in the border or as a specimen plant. Despite its tropical appearance, the garden forms are actually quite hardy. The only exception is Y. elephantipes (Yucca gigantea), which is only suitable as a houseplant in the UK.

Family: Asparagaceae
Botanical Name: Yucca (yuh-kah)
Common Names: Needle palm

Foliage: Evergreen, erect stiff, pointed leaves.

Flowers: Tall flowering stems covered with large, hanging, creamy white bells. The flower spikes can reach as high as 6ft (1.8m). Often scented.

Flowering Period:

Soil: Free draining soil (chalk, sand or loam). Any pH.

Conditions: Full sun. Best grown in a south or east facing aspect, in a sheltered or exposed location.

Habit: Tall, upright.

Type: Shrub.

Origin: North America, Mexico and West Indies.

Hardiness: Hardy in most regions of the UK.

Planting and Growing Yucca

Good architectural plants, with all-year-round interest. At their best in summer when the impressive tall spikes appear covered in hundreds of white flowers. Some varieties won't flower until they are well established.

Most garden varieties are hardy but they will need some protection from winter rain to prevent crown rot. Yucca have been known to die after flowering, so plant more than one.

Plant in an open sunny, well drained spot, in April or September. Container grown plants can be planted out at any reasonable time of year. Grows well in poor sandy and chalky soils. Avoid waterlogged conditions.

Smaller dwarf forms can also be planted in large tubs and containers.

Yuccas make a great substitute for cordyline and phormiums in colder areas of the country.

Taking Care of Yucca

Water thoroughly until well established.

Pruning Yucca

Cut out any dead leaves in spring. Cut down faded flower stalks in autumn.

Pests and Diseases

Generally pest and disease free. Can be affected by leafspot.

Propagating Yucca

Sow seeds under glass in spring. Alternatively, remove and replant rooted suckers in spring. These can be found growing at the base of mature plants.

Popular Varieties of Yucca

Garden Plants

Yucca aloifolia (Spanish dagger) produces spiky, sword-shaped leaves, topped by tall spikes of fragrant waxy-white bell-flowers. Very hardy and drought tolerant once established. Cultivar 'Purpurea' has striking green leaves with a dusky purple blush providing a rainbow effect of colour. Available from You Garden.

Yucca filamentosa (Adam's needle, needle palm) has mid-green sword like leaves. Tall flower stalks with creamy white bell flowers. Height 750mm (2.5ft); spread 900mm (3ft). Available from Thompson & Morgan. Cultivar 'Variegata' has striped yellow leaves and 'Bright Edge' has bluegreen sword-shaped leaves with golden margins. Available from Van Meuwen. For a compact form that has a very striking variagation choose 'Colour Guard', which has a broad, central, pale yellow stripe. Available from You GardenGardening Expre.

Yucca flaccida is a popular species with grey lax leaves and white flowers in July-August. Height to 5ft (1.5m), spread 4ft (1.2m). Good cultivars include 'Golden Sword' with a yellowish stripe on the leaves, and 'Ivory' which is popular compact free flowering form. Availiable from Thompson & Morgan.

Yucca gloriosa us a tough plant with long, erect, deep green leaves, carried at the top of a slow-growing woody stem or trunk. The long flower spike are tinged with deep pink. Only mature specimens flower. Height and spread to 6ft (1.8m). The variegated form 'Variegata' makes a colourfull bold statement. Available from Thompson & Morgan).

Yucca recurvifolia has long, arching, narrow leaves with tall stalks of cream flowers in July-October. Only mature specimens flower. Height 4-6ft (1.2-1.8m), spread 6ft (1.8m).

Yucca Rostrata (Hardy Beaked Yucca) is one of the most attractive and tallest of the desert yuccas with nearly spherical heads formed by numerous long blue-green to blue-grey leaves. Panicles of white flowers. Only mature specimens flower. Height to 4.5m.

Yucca whipplei (Our Lord's candle) is one of the taller yuccas, with lovely fragrant, green/white flowers edged with pink or purple. Height to 13ft (4m).


Yucca elephantipes (Indoor Yucca Tree) is a classic houseplant that is very easy to grow. They tolerate full sun and thrive on a minimum amount of care. They make an ideal choice for a well lit room or conservatory. Available from Thompson & Morgan.