Grevillea flowers

A diverse group of tender evergreen shrubs or small trees with a loose, graceful habit. Grows well in southern coastal regions of Britain.

Family: Proteaceae
Botanical Name: Grevillea (gre-vil-ee-a)
Common Names: Spider flowers, silky oak

Foliage: Evergreen, simple or pinnately divided leaves.

Flowers: Spidery-like tubular flowers, borne in dense terminal clusters. Typically deep rose-red but are available in a wide colour range except for blue.

Flowering Period: Late winter through to late summer.

Soil: Well-drained soil (sand or loam). Acid or neutral pH.

Conditions: Full sun. Plant in an east, west or south facing aspect, in a sheltered position.

Habit: Bushy.

Type: Shrub or small tree.

Origin: Australia

Hardiness: Mostly tender but some species are hardier than others.

Planting and Growing Grevillea

Plant in acid to neutral, well-drained soil in a sunny position.

Grevilleas are quite versatile garden plants and can be used in a variety of positions such as a container, border or as specimen shrubs in mild regions of the UK.

Low-growing forms make excellent ground cover between other trees and shrubs in warm, frost free, regions of the UK.

In colder areas the smaller shrubs often make ideal pot plants for warm conservatories and greenhouses.

Taking Care of Grevillea

Pruning Grevillea

No pruning is necessary except to keep tidy and within bounds. Pruning is best carried out just after flowering has finished.

Pests and Diseases

Generally trouble free.

Propagating Grevillea

Grow from seed or take semi-ripe or hardwood cuttings in spring.

Popular Varieties of Grevillea

Varieties range from low growing shrubs to giant trees.

Grevillea alpina is a fairly hardy medium sized shrub with a good range of flower colours. Mainly red at the base and yellowish at the top. Height up to 6ft (2m). Cultivar 'Dallachiana' is a popular choice with red and cream flowers.

Grevillea biternata is very low growing and makes excellent ground cover. Its flowers are coloured and sweetly scented.

Grevillea caleyi is a long flowering shrub with deeply divided leaves and flowers of deep rose to red.

Grevillea rosmarinifolia is an evergreen shrub with rosemary-like, linear, dark green, leaves, often with prickly tips. Height to 7ft (2.5m) in mild regions. The flowers are variable but basically crimson with pink and cream at the mouth of the tube.

Grevillea juniperina has juniper-shaped leaves and various coloured flowers. For sale at You Garden.

Grevillea sulphurea makes a dense bush with pale yellow flowers. One of the hardiest forms. Height up to 6ft (2m).