General Tasks

  • Continue spraying roses against mildew and black spot.
  • Prune rambling roses and weeping standards.
  • Plant open-grown evergreen shrubs.
  • Continue deadheading.
  • Water when necessary.
  • Take semi-ripe cuttings.
  • Weed shrub beds.
  • Take in tender tub-grown shrubs.

Managing Trees and Shrubs in September

Final Trimming of Hedges

If it has been a good growing season, some of the more vigorous hedges might be in need of a final light clipping; really just a tidying up. Never make this severe or you could end up with bare patches through the winter.

Planting Trees and Shrubs

September is a good time of year for planting evergreens and conifers. Because the ground still warm after the summer, but also quite moist, which encourages early root growth and, therefore, quick establishment.

Prepare the ground by incorporating well-rotted garden compost, manure or humus, etc, and plant firmly. Trees and taller shrubs will need good support against autumn gales. To provide support, drive a stake in to the windward side and use a propriety tree tie to secure. Smaller trees and shrubs at can usually be adequately supported using a stout cane or two.

Fuchsia red flowers

September is also the best month to plant out any trees, shrubs or herbaceous plants that you have been raising from seed.

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Shrubs for September

Deciduous trees and shrubs in flower:

Buddleia flowers

Buddleia (butterfly bush)


Cotinus (smoke bush)

Fuchsia flowers

Fuchsia (many cultivars)

Hibiscus in flower


hydrangea white flowers



Potentilla (shrubby)

rose bush


Evergreen trees and shrubs in flower:

hebe purple flower


vinca blue flower

Vinca (periwinkle)

yucca flowers


September Climbers

clematis yellow flowers

Clematis (Group 3)

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