Propagating Chrysanthemum Cuttings

Chrysanthemums can easily be propagated from cuttings, as follows:

  1. Fill one or more 15 cm (6 in) pots (as required) with two parts compost to one part sharp sand.
  2. Choose healthy young shoots barely 5cm (2 in) long which are growing near the base of the plant.
  3. Cut them cleanly with a sharp knife or razor blade.
  4. Take off the lowest pair of leaves and trim the base just below the joint to which the leaves were attached.
  5. Dip the cuttings in hormone rooting powder.
  6. Using a dibber to make planting holes in the compost, plant the cuttings 4 cm (1.5 in) apart around the rim of the pot(s).
  7. Just about half the cutting should be buried in the soil.
  8. Enclose the pot(s) in large, clear polythene bag(s) to conserve moisture until they have rooted.
  9. Gradually acclimatise the cutting to normal conditions and plant-out once the danger of frosts is past.

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