Trees for UK Gardens

If you have a small urban garden you may not consider the addition of a large tree to be suitable, however there are plenty of smaller varieties and ornamental style trees that have are ideal for smaller gardens. Many varieties can also be grown in containers, which by restricting the root ball, helps to ensure they stay small.

Selecting a Tree for the Garden

When selecting a tree for a particular spot in the garden you will need to consider its ultimate height and spread. Then work out how much space you have to spare once the tree reaches its full size. A correctly selected tree should not need pruning in the future. If you do not have room for a tree with large spreading branches then you can choose a tall columnar tree or one with pendula/weeping branches to fit the space.

When choosing a tree for the garden it is best to investigate all of its attributes to ensure that it will provide as many interesting features as possible. For example you will need to consider if in has attractive foliage, colourful flowers or fruit, interesting bark, good autumn colour for deciduous trees or an evergreen that has a good shape in winter.

Some of our most popular garden trees include:

Deciduous Trees Suitable for Domestic UK Gardens


Snowy mespilus

Magnolia stellata


Japanese flowering cherry blossom

Ornamental cherry

robinia pseudoacacia

Rose acacia

Rhus typhina autumn leaves


sorbus red berries

Mountain Ash, Rowan

Evergreen Trees Suitable for Domestic UK Gardens

fir cones

Fir tree

monkey puzzle tree

Monkey puzzle tree

strawberry tree

Strawberry tree

eucalyptus leaves

Gum tree

Ilex aquifolium

Ilex aquifolium
Common holly

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