Ground Cover Plants for UK Gardens

In general, ground cover refers to any ornamental plant that requires little attention and can be used provide a compact, low growing, carpet between other plants or used to soften landscaped areas.

Not only will ground cover suppress weeds, it can provide very a attractive backdrop to other planting schemes.

Ground cover can be used to provide an alternative soft ground surface instead of a lawn or a paved area, especially in a small garden where a lawn is not so practical. In many situations ground cover plants can be a very useful alternative to grass, for example, in deep shade under trees or on large banked areas where a lawn can be difficult to maintain. Although not as robust as grass, certain low gowning plants can actually be walked-on but they will not usually stand up to regular foot traffic.

Ground cover is also useful in beds and borders, as in-fill between larger spot plants. It can also be used to create a bold area of planting, especially in problem areas such as deep shade where little else will grow. Ground cover is also a useful infill between paving to prevent the encroachment of weeds.

Alchemilla mollis in flower

Lady's Mantle

variegated aubrieta

Rock cress

bergenia baby doll in flower

Elephant's ears

hardy geranium

Geranium (hardy)

Pachysandra terminalis Green Carpet Variegata

Pachysandra terminalis

Ajuga purple flowers

Ajuga Reptans

vinca blue flower


lawn grass