Climbing Plants and Wall Shrubs for UK Gardens

Climbers are useful for providing much needed vertical height in the garden. They are ideal plants for a covering up eyesores, breaking up boundaries or for softening walls and other hard structures.

There are climbers available for walls and vertical structures in all aspects of the garden from sunny to shady spots. However you should remember that when planted against a wall or a building the soil near it will be bone dry as walls tend to draw all the moisture out of the ground, therefore, you will need to prepare the soil well and add plenty of moisture retentive compost to ensure their survival.

The following selection of hardy climbing plants and wall shrubs are suitable for most domestic gardens in Great Britain (England/Scotland/Ireland).


Lonicera japonica
Japanese honeysuckle

Hydrangea petiolaris flower

Hydrangea petiolaris

Variageted Ivy


pink jasmin

Jasminum officinale

perennial pea blooms

Lathyrus latifolius
Perennial pea

Virginia creeper

Ornamental Vine

passion flower

Passion flower

solanum blue