General Tasks

  • Sweep up leaves.
  • Prepare sites for new lawns.
  • Continue mowing lawns if necessary.

Taking care of the Lawn in November

If the full autumn maintenance treatment was not given last month, it should be undertaken early this month so that any disturbances will have time to put themselves right before the winter. In a few weeks the grass will have stopped growing and any further improvements or maintenance should be delayed until the spring. Full details of autumn maintenance treatment were given in October.

leaves on the lawn

By the end of November the lawn should hardly need to be cut at all. Any mowing should be set to at least 4 cm (1.5 in) so that the grass is just topped, not really mowed. Keep brushing off any leaves and add them to the compost heap.

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Bulbs for November

Bulbs that flower in November include:

autumn crocus

Colchicum (crocus)

nerine flower

Nerine bowdenii

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