General Tasks

  • Deadhead roses and continue feeding.
  • Spray roses against black spot and mildew.
  • Continue pruning shrubs after flowering.
  • Clip hedges.
  • Remove reverted branches on variegated varieties.
  • Continue taking cuttings.
  • Propagate roses by budding.
  • Propagate shrubs and climbers by layering.

Managing Trees and Shrubs in July


Continue deadheading roses, to keep them neat, trim and flowering. Cut back any stems without buds showing on them by about half their length. Feed them with a good, general fertilizer to encourage a continuation of flower buds. Blackspot and mildew can be troublesome, in which case spray with a suitable fungicide as soon as the problem arises.

Propagating shrubs by layering

Although propagating shrubs by layering is often done in spring it can also be done in early summer, if you did not have the time earlier. It only takes a few minutes to set-up but the actual root formation can take a year or more. If you have not had much luck propagating a plant by cuttings then the layering method could be more productive. For details see our section on Propagating Plants by Layering.

Regents Park Roses

Summer Pruning

Summer pruning of shrubs that have finished flowering is an ongoing process, the exact timing of which depends on the weather. Mock orange, (Philadelphus) can be pruned now, together with Weigela, the beauty bush (Kolkwitzia) and any deutzias that have finished flowering. Cut out old flowered shoots back to a strong new shoot, and take the opportunity to cut out any crowded, old wood completely.

Wisterias will also need keeping in check, if they are not to take over your garden. Cut back the long, thin side growths to about leaves from the main stems. Hedges, especially quick growing ones, such as privet will need clipping back this month, and the slower growing hedges, such as yew (Taxus) can have a once over.

Check for weeds growing along the bottom of hedges at the same time and remove any growth on variegated hedges that has reverted back to the original colours. Cut the reverted branches right back to the base, or they will inevitably take over from their weaker, variegated neighbours.

Continue taking cuttings from shrubs you want more of.

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Shrubs for July

Deciduous trees and shrubs in flower:

Fuchsia flowers

Fuchsia (many cultivars)


Brooms (Various)

hydrangea white flowers


philadelphus white flowers



Potentilla (shrubby)

rose bush


spiraea japonica


Evergreen trees and shrubs in flower:

Erica flowers white

Calluna & Erica (heather)

cistus flower

Cistus (rock rose)

escallonia pink flowers


hebe purple flower


Hypericum calycinum yellow flowers


lavender flowers

Lavandula (lavender)

Jerusalem sage flower

Phlomis (Jerusalem sage)

Senecio flowers

Brachyglottis (Senecio)

vinca blue flower

Vinca (periwinkle)

yucca flowers


July Climbers

white clematis double flower


pink jasmin

Jasminum officinale

perennial pea blooms

Lathyrus latifolius


Lonicera (honeysuckle)

passion flower

Passiflora (passion flower)

climbing rose red

Roses (climbing)

solanum blue


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