Growing Trees in Pots

Idea sent in by Potty Dotty (Falmouth, Cornwall). April 2011

evergreen fir trees grown in pots

Small trees growing in pots can be very useful as you can rearrange them around the garden to ring the changes on your overall design. They can be used to fill spaces where seasonal flowers have been. They are particularly useful for moving around the patio areas. Small trees in pots only grow about 3 inches in a year while the same trees will grow up to six foot when planted in open ground.

Buy your collection of small trees when they are about 10 inches high but make sure they have a good root system. They are then ready to plant into your selection of pots. I have used conifers as shown in the photo.

miniture colerado spruce

Earlier I bought a Colorado Spruce. When I unpacked it from its delivery container and transferred it to a larger pot filled with multi-purpose compost, it looked a little lost as the photo shows, so I surround it with miniature summer flowering bulbs. I am now looking forward to seeing it grow as I am told it sports warm red cones which should introduce a splash of colour into my winter garden.

If you choose a potted Christmas tree you can keep it just outside the patio doors and decorate it with lights each festive season to brighten up the garden for many years.

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