Growing Courgettes and Cucumbers in Grow Bags

Idea sent in by Potty Dotty (Falmouth, Cornwall) - May 2011

What Vegetables Can be Grown in a Grow Bag?

Grow bags are not just for growing tomatoes, you can grow a wide range of vegetables in them. Ideal candidates are courgettes, aubergines, red peppers, chillies and outdoor cucumbers but you can grow virtually any vegetables, except for deep rooted varieties such as carrots and parsnips etc. As shown in the pictures below, I have planted an outdoor cucumber variety called "Burpless Tasty Green", which is an early cropping variety with a firm crispy skin and very juicy inside. For courgettes, I have chosen an F1 variety called Ambassador, which is another early variety and a good heavy cropper.

There is no special method of planting, just cut slits in the bags at the top and plant your chosen plants through. You can even direct sow seeds into the openings if required. To aid with watering, part bury an empty pot in the growbag, by each plant, to allow easy watering and feeding down to the roots.

cucumber plants in growbags

Outdoor Cucumber - Burpless Tasty Green

courgette plants in growbags

Courgette - Ambassador F1

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