Adding Winter Colour to the Garden

Idea sent in by Potty Dotty (Falmouth, Cornwall). January 2011

Adding a Splash of Colour to Your Garden in Winter

My garden in winter is so drab that I have been busily searching the plant catalogues for something to cheer the place up. I have sent away for a Canadian Spruce in the hope that its warm, red cones will add a bit of colour. I plan to plant this in a large pot. I have also ordered some Christmas Roses (helleborus niger) and hope they'll arrive soon.

Another of my ideas has been to get out my acrylic paints and paint some colourful flowers onto large, smooth pebbles and placing them around the garden. Once painted I protect them with yacht varnish - that way you don't have to worry about frost, icy winds or pests! Just sit back and enjoy the splash of colour.

Note: If you don't have any large stones already in your garden you can buy bags of large stones and pebbles from most garden centres, which is where I got mine from.

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