Lawn Care Products

Lawn Rake

A range of specialised lawn care tools are available to help keep a lawn looking good throughout the growing season. Specialised cutting implements are also available for specific trimming jobs around lawn edges and for awkward places where lawnmowers cannot be used.

Half-Moon Edger

These have a curved metal blade mounted onto a spade shaft and handle. The tool is used like a spade to trim lawn edges and cut turf. Lawns will need re-edging at least once a year (normally in the spring).

Edging Shears & Lawn Shears

See Trimming and Shearing.

Leaf Blower/Vacuum

This handheld machine incorporates a strong fan, powered by either a two-stroke petrol engine or mains electricity. It blows leaves and debris into one area or sucks them up into a chamber or bag attached to the machine. Cordless blowers are now becoming more popular, although due to the powerful motors used they can have short operating times between charges.

Lawn Aerator

Aerating the lawn with a fork

This improves drainage and aerates grass down at the roots. It consists of a set of tines or blades held in a frame, which are simply pushed into the ground all over the lawn. Some have hollow tines that remove tiny cores of soil that can be replaced with a top-dressing or sand, if required. If you don't want the expense of buying one you can use a garden fork to do a similar job (see image), although it will take a lot longer to do.

Lawn Fertilizer Distributor

If you have a large lawn then a fertilizer distributor is invaluable, helping to quickly and evenly distribute lawn dressings and lawn feeds. The machine is simply a drum on wheels, filled via a hopper and pushed up and down at walking pace. Rotating blades below the drum spray out the granular fertiliser for up to 1m (3ft) on either side. The application rate is usually adjustable.

Line Trimmers (Strimmers)

These light, hand-held, machines are useful for trimming grass around trees, against walls or in difficult corners. Powered by a petrol engine, mains electricity or battery power, they cut through grass using a length of nylon cord, rotating horizontally at high speed. To obtain a good finish on a lawn you will need to keep the trimmer steady and level or it may dig into the ground, scalping the soil or leave disc/arc shapes in the grass. For a cleaner finish on fine and ornamental lawns it is best to use a pair of lawn shears.


For information and advice on lawnmowers see our Lawnmower page.

Lawn Watering Equipment

Watering a lawn in dry weather is essential to keep it looking green throughout the summer. For further details see Watering and Sprinkling Equipment.

Lawn Rake (Spring Tine)

To stay green and healthy, grass needs more attention than simply mowing. Debris in the form of moss, thatch, leaves and other surface debris, which builds up over time needs to be removed. This job can be done with a lawn rake, which has spring tines arranged in a fan shape.


Raking a lawn can be hard work, especially on a large lawn. A scarifier is easier and quicker to use. The device is pushed over the lawn like a lawn mower, where a rotating series of tines or thin blades rake through the grass. The sweepings and debris are thrown up into a canvas bag or plastic collection box for disposal. Both hand-pushed and powered models are available.