Fetching & Carrying

Garden Carry Bag

Gardening involves a lot of fetching and carrying, therefore strong and reliable carrying equipment is an indispensable asset in the garden.

Image Credit: Hyindoor Pop-up Garden Waste Bag


A cheap and versatile item that can be used for carrying light or heavy materials or for storing water and compost. Plastic buckets are cheaper than metal ones, but have a shorter lifespan.


These lightweight flexible containers are useful for carrying small garden tools as well as transporting cut flowers and freshly harvested produce. They can be made from flexible tough plastic, wood or woven willow. Keep plastic trugs clean and treat wooden trugs annually with preservative or linseed oil to keep them in good condition.

Carry Bags & Sheets

Carrying sheets or garden bags made of tear proof woven plastic are useful for tidying the garden and for carrying prunings, trimmings and weeds. They are light and easily stored. Folding pop-up bags tend to be the most useful for both carrying and storage.


Wheelbarrow and Trug

A very useful tool if you have a large garden, where a considerable amount of carrying about is necessary. The humble wheelbarrow can be a vital piece of equipment, enabling you to quickly transport bags of compost, soil, sand, gravel, paving slabs and other heavy or bulky materials.

Strength is important and wheelbarrows are usually manufactured from steel or rigid plastic. A capacity of about 3 cu. ft is generally adequate for most gardens but barrows of larger capacity can be purchased.

Wheelbarrows can be made of wood, plastic or metal. They are usually fitted with a single wheel for ease of manoeuvrability. A pneumatic tyre is more comfortable than a solid one for frequent use. Collapsible models are also available for use where storage space is limited.

Garden Trolley

An alternative piece of carrying equipment is the two-wheel trolley (or sack truck), handy for the transportation of heavy materials, bags of compost, etc. Folding versions are available that can be carried in the car to collect heavy items from shops and garden centres. Other designs can have a large-capacity garden bag attached, so that debris can be put in as you work around the borders.