Clematis 'Nelly Moser'

Clematis Nelly Moser
Common Name: Clematis 'Nelly Moser'
Genus: Clematis
Species: 'Nelly Moser'
Family: Ranunculaceae
Foliage: Flowers:

Flowering Period: May, June, July

Clematis Nelly Moser flowers


Medium sized climber. A variety of the Lanuginosa group. Covered with masses of large showy star shaped flowers from late spring to early summer. It may also flower again in late summer.

Awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit (AGM).


  • Habit: rambling bushy climber.
  • Leaves: deciduous, mid-green.
  • Flowers: large rosy-lilac flowers with a dark pink bars down the centre of each sepal. Followed by globular seed heads in autumn. Flower size: up to 8 inches (20cm).
  • Height: 8ft (2.5m)
  • Spread: 3ft (1m)
  • Aspect: full sun or partial shade. Any aspect. Sheltered or exposed sites.
  • Hardiness in UK: hardy (h6)
  • Soil Requirements: any good, moist but free draining garden soil (sandy, loam, chalk or clay).
    Alkaline or neutral pH

Planting Clematis 'Nelly Moser'

Plant deeply, with the top of the root ball about 3 inches (8 cm) below normal soil level. This will encourage new shoots to sprout at ground level. Add plenty of soil improver/compost to the planting hole when back filling. Water well until established. Provide strong climbing supports (such as trellis, netting or support wires).

Best planted with the the leaves in the sun and the roots shaded by other plants or covered by a layer of pebbles.

Planting Context

Ideal for climbing up walls (with support), obelisks and trellis.


Mulch with organic matter in spring and apply a general fertilizer.

Pruning Clematis 'Nelly Moser'

Clematis Group 2. Cut back flowering shoots and tidy-up plant once blooms have finished.

Propagating 'Nelly Moser'

Layer or take cuttings in June - July.