General Tasks

  • Continue mowing and watering.
  • Prepare areas for sowing or turfing next month.
  • Clear weeds from newly sown lawns.

Taking care of the Lawn in August

Care of the lawn in August very much depends on the state of the weather. If it has been hot and dry, there won't be much new growth, so set the mower blades high and leave the clippings to act as a mulch to preserve what little moisture there is. If the weather has been wet and growth generally lush, lower the blades and collect the clippings.

Be on the look out for weeds, especially in wet weather and remove them as soon as you can identify them or use a specialist weed killer for lawns.

Keeping edges neat and tidy with an edge cutter or sharp edging tool can really lift the overall appearance of the lawn. Especially if the weather has been dry this month.

Neat Lawn Edge

If you have roughly prepared a bare patch of garden for sowing next month the procedure is much the same as for spring sowing. Pick up any debris or stones on the surface, and break it down to a fairly even tilth.

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Bulbs for August

Bulbs that flower in August include:

amaryllis flower

Amaryllis (belladonna lilly)

pink trailing begonia


red canna flowers

Canna (Indian shot)

crocosmia masoniorum

Crocosmia & montbretia

dahlia flower


gladiolus coccineum

Gladiolus (sword lily)

pink lilies

Lilium (lily)

Tigridia flowers

Tigridia (tiger flower)

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