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February Gardening Tasks

It's the time of year again to start thinking about planning the vegetable plot. You can start this month by buying seeds and potato tubers ready. Sprout early potatoes now, by placing them (eye uppermost) in a cool, light, frost free area.

Don't forget it's Valentine this month, so why not look-out for something different for the garden lover in your life, such as a bare rooted rose bush. Although not in bloom now, it will eventually provide a lifetime of blooms and February is an ideal time to plant bare root rose bushes.

Caring for Birds in Winter

Birds are very important in the garden, apart from their cheery song, they help keep pests and flying insects under control. So now that the weather has turned cold again put out plenty of bird seeds and treats for them and ensure they have access to fresh water nearby. If the water has frozen over, refresh it with a clean supply. February is also the ideal time to put up new nesting boxes, before the nesting season gets underway, so the birds get can used to them.

Taking Root Cuttings in February

taking root cuttings

Most gardeners take stem and leaf cuttings during the spring and summer but very few bother with root cuttings. However, many useful plants, such as Acanthus, Echinops and border Phlox can be propagated very successfully using this method. This method of cultivation is best performed during mid-winter when the plants are at their most dormant. Simply lift the plant to expose the roots and cut away one or two of the largest. Cut these into 5cm (2 in) sections and plant vertically in a gritty potting mixture, so that the top of the root is flush with the soil. Read more...

Lots of Great Ideas for the Garden

See our section on hints, tips and great gardening ideas sent in by our readers.

Plant of the Month

Nandina domestica

Nandina domestica (Heavenly Bamboo) bursts to life at this time of year with long stems of deep red berries born against evergreen leaves that turn from deep green to various shades of red and copper.

Garden of the Month

The ghostly white birch trees at Anglesey Abbey Cambridgeshire.

Tranquil 13th century Augustinian priory set amidst spectacular gardens and parkland, with richly barked trees, under-planted with spring bulbs and drifts of snowdrops.

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Garden Birds to see this Month

Great Tit

The Great Tit, our most commonest species of tit, is visible all year round in the UK.

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