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November Gardening Tasks

Continue protecting plants from frost. Collect leaves to make leaf mulch and tidy-up and dig over borders ready for winter. There is plenty of time from now until the end of December to plant spring bulbs.

Save money on trees and shrubs by buying bare rooted stock now ready for planting in early spring.

Cover compost heaps with a layer of old waste carpet to retain heat and keep heavy rain off.

Protecting Tender Plants and Terracotta Pots From Frost

Protect tender plants by bringing them into the greenhouse or covering with horticultural fleece or straw. Moving potted plants against a sheltered south facing wall can also protect them from mild frosts. Protect large clay pots by placing them in a sheltered area and raising them up on stands, to ensure that water drains away freely. Water settling in terracotta or clay pot can easily freeze and expand and crack the pot, even if they are frost-proof! You can also wrap pots in bubble wrap or hessian for further protection.

Container plants, especially those in a rain shadow (under eaves or balconies etc.) will still need watering over the winter months. The ideal is to just keep them moist, but not soaking wet.

Time to Plant Winter Containers

hebe with ivy and bellis Skimmia japonica and cyclamen

Are your borders and pots looking a bit drab and dreary? Why not spruce up your garden with containers or hanging baskets filled with winter flowering bedding and evergreens, which will reward you with a splash of colour right through until spring. Ideal bedding plants are violas, pansies, cyclamen, bellis, polyanthus and primulas. Mix them with evergreen plants like perennial grasses, ornamental cabbages, trailing ivy and cineraria and/or small shrubs such as variegated Euonymus, Hebes, Skimmia japonica or winter-flowering heathers.

Updates & Additions

New plant descriptions added: Cucumber, Sweetcorn, Salad Leaves, Celeriac, Jerusalem Artichoke, Kohlrabi, Scorzonera and Salsify.

New Articles added: Sowing Under Cover, Hardening Off Plants, Crop Rotation.

Plant of the Month

Pyracantha orange berries

Pyracantha (firethorn). Although a very common shrub in many gardens up and down the UK. There are few plants that can compete with it at this time of year, with its masses of red, yellow or orange berries. A fond favourite with both birds and bees.

Fatsia japonica flower

Fatsia japonica An unusual exotic looking shrub, with large leathery, deeply lobed leaves. Silvery grey candelabra style flowers appear in October/November followed by black pea-like berries.

Garden of the Month

Westonbirt Arboretum Garden

Westonbirt Arboretum

Started in 1829 by Robert Staynor and maintained by the Forestry Commission since 1956, Westonbirt Arboretum is Britain's oldest and largest tree collection.

Garden Birds to see this Month


Chaffinches are some of the most common native birds in the UK.