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Welcome to Seasonal Gardening

Seasonal Gardening provides a month by month account of tasks that need to be done in the garden. Our free online guide is packed with hints, tips, helpful projects and useful gardening ideas for every season.

Covering the whole of the UK (Great Britain, England, Scotland & Wales).

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What to do in the garden this month. Taking care of lawns and borders. Getting the best from your fruit and vegetables. How to propagate your own plants.

January Gardening Tasks

Prune back old and withered hellebore foliage to reveal the emerging flowers. If the weather permits there is still time to plant roses and other bare rooted shrubs. Check any recently planted specimens to ensure that they have not been lifted by frost. If so firm them back in. Order any specialist vegetable seeds as new and popular cultivars often sell out quickly. Apple and pear trees can be pruned from now until the end of February.

Also spare a thought for your house plants at this time of year, ensure they are placed in good light and away from dry heat sources.

Make your own pots for seedlings and cuttings

Everyone knows that money is going to be tight this year so any savings that can be made in the garden are always welcome. So why not make your own biodegradable pots from newspaper? This is not a new idea, I can remember my grandfather making newspaper pots when I was a child. They are easy to make, you just need a former such as a jam jar or a toilet roll tube to wrap a strip of paper around several times and tuck the end into itself, then tie around with a small piece of garden twine to secure and fill with soil. The pots will simply rot away in the ground when planted. If you find the process a bit tricky you can now buy specialised tools like the PAPER POTTER available from Amazon (shown left).

Taking Root Cuttings

Most gardeners take stem and leaf cuttings during the spring and summer but very few bother with root cuttings. However, many useful plants, such as Acanthus, Echinops and border Phlox can be propagated very successfully using this method. This method of cultivation is best performed during mid-winter when the plants are at their most dormant. Simply lift the plant to expose the roots and cut away one or two of the largest. Cut these into 5cm (2 in) sections and plant vertically in a gritty potting mixture, so that the top of the root is flush with the soil. Read more...

Lots of Great Ideas for the Garden

See our section on what to do with your old Christmas Tree.

Plant of the Month

Cornus alba Sibirica

The tall red stems of Cornus alba Sibirica (and other dogwoods) are some of the mainstays of the winter garden. Stems should be cut back hard in march to ensure strong rich growth for the next season.

Garden of the Month

Cambridge Botanical Garden

Cambridge Botanical Garden, Cambridge

Although primarily Cambridge University's teaching garden it is also open to the public. The winter garden amalgamates late colour, scent and texture in a bright southerly aspect. Its gently curving path winds through the coloured stems of willow and dogwoods, and the fragrant blooms of Wintersweet, Honeysuckle, Viburnum and Mahonia.

Open daily: 10am to 4pm